An update is available for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Appearance of “Today’s Top Hits” in Music Stages

Fixed an issue wherein “Today’s Top Hits” would not appear if game data was saved with the console’s date set in the future until that date had passed.

Occurrence of special days

Fixed an issue wherein special days would not occur if game data was saved with the console’s date set in the future until that date had passed.

Achievement of 999 stat feats

Fixed an issue wherein feats for reaching a stat value of 999 would not be achieved when the stat was raised by obtaining a CollectaCard.

“Connecting” message in the main menu

Fixed an issue wherein a “Connecting” message would appear for an extended time in the main menu when the network connection is unstable or unavailable.

Results in Multi Battles with three or more players when a player disconnects during play

Fixed an issue wherein results would display incorrectly (as described below) when a player disconnected during a Multi Battle with three or more players.

  1. If a player disconnected in the first battle, they would receive an “ALL CRITICAL” mark.
  2. If a player disconnected in a subsequent battle, their displayed score would be from the previously played song.

BGM timing adjustment

“BGM Timing” settings have been expanded to ±100 from their previous limits of ±15. *If the timing is set beyond ±10, we recommend setting the Trigger SFX volume to 0-1.

Display of current play Style

When playing in Pair or Simple Style, the current Style now displays above the “Play” button in the setup window before beginning a song.

Lane cover design

Lane covers now hide the screen all the way to the left edge.

Trigger visibility in Simple Style

Triggers not requiring input when playing in Simple style have been modified to make those that do require input easier to recognize.

Live Info controller input

Controller input displayed in Live Info now shows how hard the stick is tilted.

FMS Hold Trigger controls

Using the stick to follow the line up and down during FMS Hold Triggers has been made easier. Slide Triggers are not affected.

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