The Super Mario Bros. movie is killing it at the box office, but could it repeat that same success at the Oscars?

I think it’s safe to say the Super Mario Bros. movie won’t be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but it turns out it could be nominated for an Oscar, at least when it comes to the music side of things.

While the Super Mario Bros. movie is chock-full of songs straight from the Mario universe, it also has an original tune that’s been getting all sorts of attention. The song “Peaches,” performed by Bowser (Jack Black) in the film has been climbing the iTunes charts and getting all sorts of buzz online. Turns out that hype could lead all the way to the Oscars, as the film will be eligible for the ‘Best Original Song’ category.

Just because the tune is eligible doesn’t mean it will get nominated, but that’s in the hands of the Hollywood Foreign Press to make happen. I guess we’ll just have to cross fingers and toes to see if it happens!

Thanks to AndresL_1997 for the heads up!

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