While we’re yet to see Nintendo Pictures output on the Nintendo side of things, we’re already seeing the company listed in some non-Nintendo anime projects.

A recent episode of the anime Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure closed out with the usual credits scroll, but it was updated with a new name. Spotted in one section of the credits was the mention of Nintendo Pictures! You might think that a bit odd, but it actually stems from what the team at Nintendo Pictures was doing before the new branding.

While Nintendo Pictures now has some Nintendo employees in its ranks, it existed as Dynamo Pictures before Nintendo scooped them up. Dynamo Pictures worked on all sorts of anime projects in the past, including Appleseed, One Piece, and Yuri!!! on Ice just to name a few. Dyanmo was doing 3DCG content for those projects, and they’ll also be doing the same as Nintendo Pictures.

Seeing Nintendo Pictures in the credits for Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure shows that Dynamo Pictures was involved with the anime before they were scooped up by Nintendo. Going forward, any work the company did for Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure will see them listed as Nintendo Pictures. It’s the exact same case for Ensemble Stars, which also shows Nintendo Pictures in the credits.

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