The next episode of DC Universe Online has been revealed, and it’s set to spotlight Static Shock.

Ep. 45: Shock to the System is in the works for DC Universe Online, and it’ll head to Switch sometime after April 13th, 2023. The new episode was revealed along with the following synopsis:

“Dakota City’s just built different. The Big Bang attack that created new heroes, villains, and victims has drawn sinister, otherworldly attention. Ebon’s powers cast a long shadow, but it’s the Apokoliptian Parademons that has Static shocked enough to contact you. Why are people disappearing, why has Apokolips turned its attention to Dakota City, and will you be able to take on such a shadowy threat?”

We’ll bring you news on the Switch release date for Ep. 45 when it becomes available. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long!


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