Another round of information has come in for Xicatrice, and this time we learn a bit more about students and skills.

For a student to learn a skill, they need to choose a Major, and then raise their basic abilities (stats) to the required level. For example, for Kei Namisaki to learn “Ressurection” (a recovery skill), you first need to select “Healing Illusion” as Major, and then raise the “Concentration” stat to 44, and the “Logic” stat to 53.

Each of the 7 students have different base stats, as well as basic abilities they have an affinity with (making them easier to grow than others). It’s up to you to correctly identify the characteristics of each student, and focus on nurturing them.

Haruki Suzuhira’s initial Skill is Double Attack, which unleashes continuous attacks. It has a low hit rate, but high accuracy. Haruki Suzuhira has an affinity for that skill, for his hit rate and accuracy rate stats are both high.


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