Capcom has posted a new interview with Monster Hunter Rise’s Lead Animator Ken Yamazaki. We won’t divulge the full contents of the Interview but here are a few interesting tidbits.

For instance, motion capture animation is often used to create a base movement for the monster’s animations, even for non-humanoid creatures. Yamazaki goes on to state that sometimes the finished animations will come out very different from the motion captured one but the expressions the monsters make do often get carried over from their human actors.

An example of the Motion Capture used in the game!
An example of the Motion Capture used in the game!

Another fun anecdote of the Interview is that Yamazaki is very good at dodging a monster’s attacks as he is intensely familiar with all the animations. However, this sometimes leads him to being overconfident so he still ends up having a challenge sometimes.

If these facts interest you then we suggest reading the full interview that is linked below!


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