Modder builds an NES that's ready for a Battlebots throwdown

Now you're playing with power...power tools!

10 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We’ve seen all sorts of things done to the NES over the years. Modders have turned the NES into a toaster, a guitar, a sneaker, and now, a death robot!

The gang over at Electrosync has decided to take an NES shell and use it as the housing for a combat robot. This definitely takes a kid-friendly platform meant for games and turns it into something children should stay very, very far away from!

The craziest addition to this NES is a spinning sawblade that hides inside the cartridge slot. This isn’t a prop blade or a toy, but an actual sawblade capable of cutting through watermelons, beer cans and more, all of which you’ll see in the video above.

There’s no doubt Nintendo hates to see this kind of thing, but we’re pretty sure fans will feel quite the opposite!


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