If you’re familiar with your Nintendo Trivia you’ve definitely heard of “Project Dream”, the Rare-developed, pirate-themed, SNES game that eventually morphed into the much beloved N64 Platformer, Banjo-Kazooie.

Today we have a special treat from Tim Stamper, co-founder of Rare, an early prototype build of Project Dream running on the N64! In this short clip posted to Twitter we can see the game’s villain Captain Blackeye raving about how the Nintendo 64 Treasure exists after all, an incredibly ironic statement given that this treasure is finally seeing the light of day after so long!

By the way, if Captain Blackeye looks familiar to you he still makes appearances in both N64 Banjo Games! He appears in a portrait in Mad Monster Mansion in the first game and in Tooie he can be found drinking his sorrows away in the bar about how a bear stole his starring role from him.


It’s always incredible when we can see behind the scenes of forgotten projects, hopefully we can have even more incredible treasures uncovered in the future.

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