Today, Bithell Games is incredibly proud to announce the launch of TRON: Identity, a new visual novel adventure game set within the TRON universe for Switch. Developed in collaboration with Disney, this puzzle-filled noir-inspired, narrative experience with beautiful, hand-crafted character art design is now available worldwide on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.

TRON: Identity is a visual adventure narrative game that takes place in a brand-new Grid within the existing TRON universe. This Grid is shrouded in uncertainty, long-forgotten by its creator, Kevin Flynn, and left alone to develop and self-govern in the absence of User Intervention. A new extension of the TRON universe, TRON: Identity features extensive world-building that adds to the existing lore. This includes a number of brand-new characters, each uniquely designed with their own distinctive personality and aesthetics.

Players act as Query, a detective program called to the halls of power – a central building named the Repository – to investigate a major crime that begins in a high-security vault. It is up to the player to uncover the truth and, in doing so, reveal a much bigger threat facing their world. Question suspects, unlock secrets, and even defrag corrupted Identity Discs with increasingly challenging puzzles as the story progresses.

Choices matter in this game, offering hours of replayability with a variety of paths and outcomes. ​ Players must choose their allies carefully, deciding who to trust, who to spurn – and how to deal with those who stand in their way.

TRON: Identity is now available on Switch for $14.99.

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1y ago

Awesome that its only $15. I was expecting $20 to $25. Bought it on my phone immediately when I saw the price. Even though I would have gotten it anyway.

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