The Super Mario Bros. movie is the talk of the town right now. The film brought out millions of fans for its opening week, leading it to achieve the biggest worldwide box office opening for an animated film ever. That means more people than ever are talking about Mario, making it the perfect time to get in on the conversation!

Legendary YouTube chef Binging with Babish knows how to strike when the iron is hot, and he’s getting in on the Mario chatter with a special recipe. In the latest episode of his YouTube show, Babish has set out to make a real-life version of Peach’s cake from Super Mario 64.

As usual, Babish tries his best to figure out an approach that will result to what you see on-screen. As you can tell from the thumbnail, he’s done another bang-up job. Of course, the question is whether or not it tastes good! We won’t get to enjoy a slice ourselves, so we’ll just have to take Babish’s word for it!

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