Overwatch 2 'Season 4 Battle Pass' trailer

You can't pass this content up!

11 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Earn the latest Mythic Skin, Emperor Galactic Sigma at Tier 80 and grab the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle to instantly unlock Infinite Ace D.Va (Epic), Infinite Guard Soldier: 76 (Legendary), 2000 OW Coins, 20 tiers, and the Medallion Weapon Charm!

Cosmic events, stellar skins and cosmetics, and a milky way of gameplay updates: with Overwatch 2’s latest hero at the center of the orbit, we welcome you to the Overwatch 2 Space Opera!

Unlock our newest hero, Lifeweaver, and support your team through biolight healing and utility. Jump into the Premium Battle Pass to earn Galactic Emperor Sigma and other out-of-this-world space opera cosmetics.

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