AEW Fight Forever seems to be taking forever (pun fully intended) to release. Many expected the game to be out months and months ago, yet here we are in April with no official release date announced. Unfortunately, it seems we’ve still got some waiting to do.

Last we heard, the game was being held back due to THQ wanting to land a Teen rating from the ESRB. After struggling to get the game bumped from Mature to Teen, we had heard that enough changes were made to secure the lower rating. That seemed to pave a clear path for launch, but apparently there’s still more to do.

According to THQ Nordic Global Senior Community Manager Zyddie, AEW Fight Forever the game is ‘unfinished,’ but work continues. Zyddie went on to say that, “the game is doing really well and is getting there, but not 100% yet.” Hopefully we get some sort of specific update on the game’s status in the near future.

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