The numbers for game sales in the UK for March 2023 are in, and we’re kicking things off with the top 10 software list. You can see the breakdown below, but please remember that Nintendo titles only reflect physical sales, as Nintendo doesn’t share digital sales data.


As far as UK hardware goes, Switch was the #2 hardware overall, and sales increased slightly over February. The Red Switch bundle accounted for 12.8% of all Switch consoles sold last month, behind the White OLED (23.6%) and the Neon Switch (26.3%). As you might have guessed, PS5 came in at #1.

Finally, we have a very quick hardware sales stat for Q1 2023 in the UK. Switch also took second place in hardware for Q1, but overall sales of Switch compared to Q1 2022 are down 25%.

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1y ago

Gonna make a bold guess and say "Congrats" to Kirby for winning the podcast game again. Assuming Duex isn't reading this ahead of time. ;)