A deluge of new information on Nintendo Switch Sports has hit the web, and we’ve been combing through it to share every last tidbit with you.

In the summary below, you’ll find a collection of minor and major details about Nintendo Switch Sports. Most of these details we didn’t know until today! Dig through the info to see what awaits in Nintendo Switch Sports on April 29th, 2022.

  • there are no traditional button controls, only motion controls
  • games played in local multiplayer can do so via split-screen, including 4-player bowling
  • you can purchase a Joy-Con leg strap online for $10
  • the soccer mode supports up to two Joy-Con leg strap
  • Volleyball gives you on-screen icons to indicate if your timing is early or late
  • in Badminton and Tennis, you can tire your opponent out by making them run all over the court. This will make them slow to react, especially if they fall.
  • in-game rewards are cycled each week (character customizations, different bowling balls, and much more)
  • by winning multiple sports/games in a row, you’ll start a streak and earn rewards faster
  • ranked mode doesn’t have mode-exclusive rewards
  • the character customization/creation is close to what is offered in the Mii Maker
  • you can set titles for your character (so-called, party dog, ect.)
  • there will be more animal-type characters available in the game
  • the Wii Sports theme returns, albeit remixed
  • the new player avatars are called ‘Sportsmates’
  • HD Rumble is implemented in the various sports

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2y ago

The best thing on this list is the return of the Wii Sports theme! Also HD Rumble is good to hear, not enough games take full advantage of that underrated feature.