Publisher City Connection and developer CRT Games previously announced Psychic 5 Eternal, a remake of the 1987 arcade game Psychic 5, for Switch. The game has now gotten its Japanese release date, and it’s set for July 27th, 2023.

Along with the game’s digital and standard physical release, an “Espers Edition” has also been revealed. This package is priced at 7,920 yen and includes the following:

  • a copy of the game
  • soundtrack CD
  • special book
  • magnet sheet
  • 30cm folding ruler
  • special box

In Psychic 5 Eternal, stand up against Satan, the Great Demon King who threatens the world. Whether you play as a boy, girl, or even a grandpa, use your superhuman jumping abilities to jump up high, attack the monsters that roam the labyrinth with your hammer, and move forward. Save your captured friends and switch between characters at phone booths. Play as someone with high jumping ability, someone with high strength who can force open doors, or someone with a small body able to pass through narrow spaces… utilize these strengths to clear the labyrinth. Up to two players can play together at once, so let the exploration begin!

Switch between the original arcade version’s graphics and background music, and the remake’s refined graphics and arranged background music. Additionally, go back in time to the days of the arcade by playing the game vertically, or get a clear view of the labyrinth by playing the game in widescreen. Enjoy the world of the slightly spooky, but comically cute Psychic 5 to its fullest extent!

Something happens after the battle against the Great Demon King Satan!? After the stages of the original game, new stages and a second team of Espers follow. Additionally, with Survival Mode, Time Attack Mode, and the two-player Towering Mode, there are many additional game modes with new rules. Challenge the mysterious adventure many times over!

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