A new video has been released for Charade Maniacs that takes a look a the members of the Cleaning Team. Check out the video above and then read the character profiles for each member below.

Tomose Banjo (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura)

A schoolmate of the protagonist who is undeniably cool. He’s also her childhood friend, and has the tendency to be a little overprotective of her. He loves clam chowder and is a member of the drama club.

Ryoichi Futami (voiced by Tomokazu Seki)

A student in vocational school studying art. He’s very good with his hands and loves to do silver crafting. He’s the brother figure to the cast members who act selfishly.

Souta Gyobu (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Supposedly attends Gekkei High School like the protagonist, but she’s never seen him there. He’s an eccentric man who always acts aloof. He loves old games.

In Charade Maniacs, take on the role of Hiyori Sena, a high school sophomore who has been abducted by a masked figure. Trapped in the mysterious world of Arcadia with nine others, she is forced by her captor to act in dramas alongside the other abductees. To make matters worse, there’s a traitor among the costars! Love blooms on and off stage in this dramatic search for truth and romance. Who can you trust?

Originally released for the PlayStation®Vita only in Japan, the eccentric cast returns to the stage on the Switch! Fans can experience this otome title officially localized for the first time in North America and Europe!


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