While Nintendo Switch Sports offers an updated version of the Wii Sports Bowling experience from years ago, there are still plenty of people who throwing down in the original Wii release. That includes Jeanine (96) and Gilbert (85), who just took home a major win at a Wii Sports Bowling competition.

Jeanine and Gilbert took part in the Wii Bowling LAN hosted by Gamers Assembly, and they were representing their retirement home. The video above shows off Jeanie as she lines up her final shot, which resulted in a strike to secure the victory. As you can see, the crowd was absolutely ecstatic to see Jeanine and Gilbert get the dub.

As with any tournament worth its salt, Jeanine and Gilbert got to take home a pretty fancy trophy to honor their victory. We have no doubt this is the beginning of the J&G Wii Sports Bowling dynasty, and we can’t wait to see them return next year to defend their crown.

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1y ago

This might be my favorite (non-Zelda) piece of news all week. Such a sweet story!


1y ago

That is a wonderful story. Delighted for them.