Hand-drawn Metroidvania "Souno's Curse" heading to Switch

A curse, or a blessing in disguise?

13 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Developer Kiro Team has announced that the hand-drawn Metroidvania “Souno’s Curse” is seeing release on Switch. At this time, we don’t have word on a specific release date or pricing.

Discover a story driven action platformer telling a story about regret and the value of living in the moment. Embark on a journey to a cursed cave, explore, discover hidden secrets and find your way. Your journey will not be easy, you will have to face strong enemies along the way, avoid obstacles, traps and slowly uncover the past, story and mysteries hidden behind Souno’s Curse.

Immerse yourself in the beautifully hand-crafted world of Souno’s Curse featuring a unique hand-drawn 2D art style and thematic music that pays tribute to the genre’s recent classics. Unveil a touching story about regret and the importance of living the moment. Navigate through different environments and test your platforming skills. Crush your enemies using both melee and magic abilities.

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I'm not going to spell it out but you probably know what I think right now anyway.