A bundle of three classic shoot ‘em up games from developer Toaplan is coming to Nintendo Switch. “Zero Fire - Toaplan Arcade Garage” will be released in Japan from publisher M2 on July 20th, 2023 for ¥7,480 yen. It will include the classic arcade games Zero Wing, Hellfire, and Demon’s World. Alongside an eShop release, a physical edition will also be available from select retailers. A western localization has not been announced. Check out more details below.

The Toaplan titles that carried arcades in the 80s return as M2 ShotTriggers re-releases! In addition to complete ports of the arcade versions of side-scrolling shoot ’em ups Zero Wing and Hellfire, Zero Fire will include the different arcade versions of each title, console versions as downloadable content, and the side-scrolling run-and-gun game Demon’s World.

Key Features

  • M2’s Third Toaplan Port Collection: Two Side-Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Ups Revived – Experience full ports of the Toaplan-developed side-scrolling shoot ’em ups Zero Wing and Hellfire, which first launched in arcades in the 1980s, complete with extras. Each game has a “Player 1 and Player 2 Alternating Version” and “Player 1 and Player 2 Simultaneous Play Version” with its own game balance adjustments. The overseas versions of each game are also playable.
  • Physical Edition Bundled with Downloadable Content – Downloadable content for Zero Fire includes numerous console ports of Zero Wing and Hellfire. The “non-shoot ’em up” side-scrolling run-and-gun game Demon’s Soul is included as a bonus title, and is also playable in different and overseas versions. The physical edition includes the downloadable content pre-installed, allowing you to play every title from the get-go. The bonus game Teki Paki, which is a standard bonus with M2’s Toaplan ports, is also included.
  • The Support Features M2 ShotTriggers Games Are Known For – “Super Easy Mode,” a customary feature of the Toaplan series, allows casual players to enjoy the game by adjusting the difficulty level according to their skill. “Arcade Challenge” is an extreme practice mode meant for players who have become skilled at the game and want to clear a single playthrough of the arcade version. “M2 Gadgets” are also featured, which reveal the appearance conditions for 1UP items that were previously shrouded in mystery, as well as display stage progression and other information. Use them as tools to help clear the game!

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