JellyCar Worlds gets a free content update today

I don't think you're ready for this Jelly

13 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Last December, Walaber (the pseudonym of solo developer Tim FitzRandolph) released the highly-requested follow-up, JellyCar Worlds, on PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

The new title features the beloved physics-based silliness of the previous entries in the series, but introduced seven worlds, each a collection of levels that spotlight a unique car power-up (such as grappling hooks, giant monster truck tires and helium-filled balloons), that bring with them fresh new ways to navigate puzzling levels.

Today, as a special thank-you to all JellyCar fans for their support, Walaber will be dropping the huge free update to JellyCar Worlds!

“World 8” features a spicy new “Chilli Pepper” powerup that gives the player an intense boost of speed but will leave their car hurtling uncontrollably in a certain direction. Players will need to utilise this mechanic carefully in order to make it through a whole host of gelatinous new levels.

Lastly, Walaber is pleased to confirm that the release of World 8 leaves him free to continue development on one of JellyCar Worlds’ most-requested features - a level editor! More details will be revealed about this a little later in the year.

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