Tate Multimedia is over the moon to announce new DLC for Kao the Kangaroo. On May 4th, the biggest yet DLC will be released, titled “Bend the Roo’les”. This new DLC includes a whole new campaign with a new enemy boss: Crab King! As well as 5 new levels with different challenges including time challenge, rising lava, dimming light, and even a 2D level!! “Bend the Roo’les” will be available on every platform for 7,99 USD/EUR.

Also on May 4th will launch on all platforms the Kao the Kangaroo: Anniversary Edition! This special edition will contain the base game, the previously released Oh! Well DLC and the fresh Bend the Roo’les DLC!

It seems that there’s even more on the way for Kao the Kangaroo, as another announcement is coming on May 4th, 2023. We’re not sure what will be revealed, but we’ll certainly be here to cover it!


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