Two Point Campus has been updated to Version 6.0.124735. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the favourites button prompt was missing when opening the items menu.
  • Fixed a bug with missing texture on Ghost Students wearing the Winter Wardrobe outfit.
  • Fixed an issue with abandoned objectives that would get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with a disappearing cursor when opening the training menu whilst training is underway.
  • Updated UI to make “0-course points” more visible before starting the academic year.
  • Fixed a bug with upgraded lectern projections.
  • Fixed a bug with maintenance icons remaining in a negative state after calling a Janitor.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some motivational posters from being placed in Space DLC rooms
  • Fixed one very common cause of “out of memory” crashes, by significantly optimising the navmesh generation process.

New Things:

  • New Challenge Mode level: Egg & Silver-Spoon Race
  • Hare-raising new outfit Bunny Ears hat for staff and students
  • New Main Menu theming with a temporary green-thumb touch
  • A selection of blooming lovely new items:
  • Spring Chickens
  • Chocolate Rabbit
  • Spring Meal
  • Three new wallpapers
  • …a super secret surprise item! (Coming soon)

Known Issue:

  • Players cannot place items in Cheesy Heap’s default campus building. We will release a hotfix for this as soon as possible. Currently, to workaround the issue, players can sell the default building and then rebuild it.

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