Publisher Regista has announced that Japanese NEKOSAMA Games The Outlaws is coming to Switch on April 20th, 2023. While the game is normally priced at $20, if you make your purchase between now and May 3rd, 2023, you can get a whopping 50% discount. Japanese NEKOSAMA Games The Outlaws takes up 218 MB of space.

Japanese NEKOSAMA Games The Outlaws is the 15th entry in the ‘Escape Game’ series from Regista. In this title, the objective is to get back the stolen canned cat food and save the cats from a food crisis!

Unfortunately for the hungry cats, a gang of 3 thieving cats have stolen all the canned cat food from a store. It’s up to you to explore the shopping district and recover the stolen food so that cats everyone can have a meal.

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This has Mombrain written all over it