The Super Mario Bros. movie shot out of the gate like a cannon, easily snagging the best opening worldwide for Illumination, along with videogame movies in general. Now one week later and the film has managed to snag another feather for its cap.

You might not believe it, but the videogame movie adaptation that held the record for highest-grossing film was 2016’s Warcraft. We say held, because the Super Mario Bros. movie has now surpassed that total, and it took a single week to do so.

Warcraft managed to pull in $439 million during its entire theatrical run, start to finish. In just one week, the Super Mario Bros. movie has seen its worldwide box office total climb to $437,946,600. That may be just shy of the $439 million Warcraft managed, but there’s simply no possible way the Mario movie won’t surpass that total today.

In all likelihood, the movie has already blown past $439 while we’re typing this. That said, we’ll need the final figures from the last 24 hours to know just how much higher the movie has climbed. Now that’s an outcome Nintendo and Illumination can be extremely proud of!

Thanks to Olivia for the heads up!

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1y ago

Absolutely well deserved! I personally loved the movie, but even for those who didn’t…I think we can all agree it was a far better game adaptation than Warcraft lol. I’m surprised that held the record rather than one of the Sonic movies.


1y ago

Has potential to be the highest grossing movie of 2023.