Publisher eastasiasoft has announced that Ayre and the Crystal Comet is coming to Switch on April 19th, 2023. The title will be priced at $10.

The open skies await as you take the role of a wandering dragon rider in search of a lost civilization! Presented in a nostalgic low-poly art style and allowing total freedom of flight from the beginning of your journey, Ayre and the Crystal Comet is a chill experience designed for exploration and discovery, without the pressures of combat or complex stat management. Search a vast open world from atop your dragon, or land and investigate locales on foot!

Take the role of Ayre, a young woman with a rare companion, the last living dragon. Having spent years travelling far and wide to learn where her dragon came from, Ayre believes she has located the homeland of an ancient dragon-riding civilization called the Skyriders. Having reached these lands, Ayre must now unlock its many elusive secrets.

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