The Knight Witch 'Accolades' trailer

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14 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Have you been holding off on giving The Knight Witch a shot? If so, you’ve been missing out on a ton of fun! Perhaps the game’s latest trailer can convince you to hop in, as it shares all sorts of praise from critics around the world. Give it a watch above and see why this game is a must-play!

The Knight Witch takes players to the underground city of Dungeonidas. The once peaceful metropolis has been besieged by a mysterious threat and their unrelenting army of war golems. Here it falls to the protagonist – Rayne – to be named a Knight Witch and use her powers to fight back and save those she loves.

With over 30 unique spell cards to choose from in a magic deck-building system, and Knight abilities to upgrade and improve, players can customize Rayne’s build to fit their playstyle, taking down the invading golems in the most effective way. Like other Knight Witches, Rayne thrives off the love and adoration of Dungeonidas’ citizens, growing ever stronger with their continued support – players can choose to capitalize on this, lying to the adoring denizens for their own means, or they can be honest, sharing the painful truth to the masses.

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