Lear’s mystery game is over, but another conundrum has emerged. A vigilante thief known as the Phantom Imaginate is swiping Pokémon. Who’s behind the mysterious moniker? And what’s their motivation? In a bid to lure out the phantom thief, Lyra volunteers to disguise herself as a Team Rocket grunt and teams up with Phanpy for added protection. Lyra (Special Costume) & Phanpy and Zinnia (Special Costume) & Thievul are available to scout until May 1, 2023, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Lyra’s under cover alongside her trusty Phanpy, and the two provide stalwart support no matter the situation. This Ground-type support sync pair doesn’t dish out much damage, but they can take a punch thanks to the Defense boosts and Type Resistant effect of Initiate Infiltration! They can also help their allies’ Ground-type moves do more damage by lowering their opponent’s Ground Type Rebuff with Rebuff Reducing Hit (Ground).

For full details on Lyra (Special Costume) & Phanpy and Zinnia (Special Costume) & Thievul, check out the official feature here.

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