Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key recently launched on Switch, and it doesn’t include an English dub. This is line line with the previous two Atelier Ryza games, which both featured an English sub but no dub. Although this has been the norm for the series, it seems Koei Tecmo may be reconsidering things going forward.

A new survey from Koei Tecmo asks a number of questions about Atelier Ryza 3, one of which pertains to English voice acting. One question in particular asks players if they prefer and English dub or not. Koei Tecmo also asks if not including this option would prevent a player from purchasing the game outright.

The survey allows for respondents to pick from a number of responses, including the following:

  • I don’t care either way
  • I would like a dub
  • I would not like a dub
  • I would like a dual audio option

If you’d like to share your own thoughts with this survey, you can participate through this link.

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