Just last month, Peppa Pig had a bit of a viral moment due to the release of a new game, Peppa Pig: World Adventures. The game included a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her passing, and the moment pops up quite abruptly. You can see how it all played out here.

Following the all the internet attention this moment got, Eurogamer reached out to Peppa Pig: World Adventures lead producer David Moral to get some insight into how the moment came together. You can see their full response below.

“Unfortunately, the Queen passed away during development, and at that moment we had already implemented the character of the Queen and built this whole trip in London. When the news came up, there was discussion on how we should address the issue, because obviously there were different options. We could have removed the trip, we could have removed London and the Queen from the game, which would have been an option.

Now it’s out I think everyone is glad we decided to keep the Queen in the game. Even though she’s not here, it’s very nice people around the world and the kids are playing [Peppa Pig: World Adventures], and they meet the Queen and learn who she is, because she was such an important figure in the UK and in the world for decades.”

[Lead producer David Moral]

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