The Murder Hotel is an interactive murder mystery adventure with a huge twist: A scissor-wielding demon is the murderer and you have to blame one of the human guests, forging a plausible theory on how they could have done it.

The team behind The Murder Hotel would love to bring the game to Switch, but they need a bit of help in the funding department. The devs have launched a Kickstarter for the title, and the goal for funding sits at a very modest $10k. If you’d like to help this game reach Switch, you can donate some funds here.

In The Murder Hotel, you are Ilmarinen Halla, a Finnish private pilot. On your flight home, you encounter an unnatural snowstorm that forces you to crash. Searching for help, you stumble upon a mysterious hotel in the middle of nowhere, where you seek shelter.

After familiarising yourself with the hotel staff and other guests, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in the infirmary for recuperation. Suddenly, around midnight, you are startled by a strange noise. You realise you’re not alone… odd, didn’t you lock the door? But who has time to think about such details when a creepy scissor-wielding demon appears right in front of you?

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