A new trailer and demo have been released for Spike Chunsoft’s Fitness Circuit which launches May 26th. You can check out the new trailer above and read up on the details below.

The free demo takes you through the game’s opening and tutorial, as well as the main Daily Circuit mode. It includes a total of five days of play, and over that time lets you experience 12 of the 45 types of training in the Daily Circuit. Even more, you can carry over your save data to the full version, so that you can continue your workout without missing a beat. *Please note that the menus and functions available in the demo version are limited.

About Fitness Circuit

Fitness Circuit utilizes Super Circuit Training, a workout method that alternates aerobic and strength-building exercises to burn calories efficiently, increase endurance, and improve muscle strength in a short period of time. This method is designed to have a high training effect, so you won’t need to play every day. Complete a standard workout session in just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week. *Exercise effects and results will vary per individual.

Fitness Circuit doesn’t require anything more than a little space to move and Joy-Con™ controllers. No need for extra equipment or busy gyms. Simply match the workout prompts, to help your on-screen Runner through a flashy and entertaining performance. It’s fun to play and watch.

[Spike Chunsoft PR Email]
[Spike Chunsoft, PR Email]

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