Whenever Nintendo puts out a new game, you can almost always expect a special download card to be released as well. That’s very much the case with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and today brings us an early glimpse at what that card looks like.

The artwork at the top of this post was shared quite some time ago, yet Nintendo has chosen it for the Tears of the Kingdom download card. What’s more interesting is the packaging for the card itself, which gives us a closer look at some of the characters showcased in the game’s final trailer.

As some people will consider this character art spoiler, we’ve placed the card after the jump. Please only click through if you’re okay seeing some light spoiler content.

While not the highest-quality pictures, the Tears of the Kingdom download card packaging gives us another look at Ganondorf, along with two other yet-to-be-named characters that were showcased for the first time in the game’s final trailer. They may be unfamiliar faces for now, but we’ll learn all about them come May 12th, 2023!

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