Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment covers a handful of topics that are big in the news and entertainment sectors, and this weekend saw the team put something together related to the Super Mario Bros. movie.

In the clip above, you can see a back-and-forth between Funky Kong and Weekend Update host Colin Jost talking about the Super Mario Bros. movie. In the segment, Funky is pretty upset that he hardly gets any screen time in the Super Mario Bros. movie, and he thinks he deserve some more time in the spotlight.

As always, comedy is very subjective, so you’ll either get some chuckles out of this or find it groan-worthy. Either way, it’s just nice to see Funky Kong get some love!

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1y ago

I’ve lived long enough to see Kenan Thompson play Funky Kong on SNL.

I’ll take it. Sometimes mainstream society’s not so bad. The Musk incident is somewhat redeemed.


1y ago


Oh come on. Musk as Wario was pretty great too! Anyway, this bit made me laugh. Nice to see Mario and friends back in the spotlight.


1y ago

Didn't Funky Kong get plenty of screen time when they first met the Kongs?

That dude didn't seem to be officially Funky. They might be saving Funky for a Donkey Kong Country movie. My guess is that he was Funky in the original script, but because they wanted to save him, they just changed him to something like Cool Kong.