Just a few days back, Nintendo released what will be the final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Expectations for this trailer were extremely high, and it’s safe to say that Nintendo didn’t just meet, but exceeded those expectations, and in grand fashion.

The trailer led many a Nintendo/Zelda fan to experience quite a wave of emotions while watching. I know that I teared up on multiple occasions throughout the trailer’s nearly 4 minutes. Not surprisingly, many others around the internet had very similar reactions, and now we have a video that captures their excitement.

The video above lumps together a bunch of familiar faces from YouTube and Twitch to show how they reacted when watching the Tears of the Kingdom trailer for the first time. There’s stunned silence, tears of joy and raw emotion, screams of excitement, laughs of disbelief and so much more.

It’s so great to see a moment like this bring together so many Nintendo fans around the globe, and also proves just how much the Big N’s franchises mean to some people. I’m right there with these reactions, and I’m very glad to know there are others out there like me!

Thanks to Lilly for the heads up!

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1y ago

These are fun to watch. I’m glad to know I’m not the only Nintendo fan out there. By the way, where were these people when I was in grade, school, and high school!?


1y ago

These people really annoy the hell out of me but I still "hate watch" them. Watching that Rogersbase dude scream into his stuffed animals or pillow over the tiniest damn things really makes you wish the thing he was watching didn't exist.


1y ago


they were thankfully bullied. These aren't real human beings.

I don' watch reaction video's because like you say it's mostly overreacted. But this thing being a compilation I did watch, it peaked my interest to see others that I didn't know yet.

I must say this trailer does look exciting! But yeah.. People like to live the hype. I just hope that reviewers will not be influenced by stuff like this and take their time to actually play the game on their own pace, and will be going for a honest story about their experience. I was kinda annoyed how BotW only got 10/10's because I felt the later parts of the game (which are very important parts) to me weren't 10/10 at all. I felt kinda alone and overshadowed by all this hype..

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