Whether they’re battling, bonding with Trainers, or evolving, these Pokémon shell out entertainment.

If the Squirtle Squad makes you squeal with glee, and if you think Grotle’s great and Turtwig is a treat, you’re in for an epic Pokémon Shell-ebration! There are plenty of Pokémon with turtle-like qualities, among them Torkoal, Drednaw, and Torterra. And plenty of Pokémon Trainers like Ash, Gary, and Kiawe are known to train, battle, and travel with these Pokémon. Enjoy these turtle-y awesome select episodes of Pokémon the Series that highlight the adventures of your favorite turtle-like Pokémon.

Visit Pokémon TV at or via the Pokémon TV mobile app to watch as Squirtle, Turtwig, Tirtouga, and their friends amble into the spotlight.

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