Since its very first day hitting theaters, the Super Mario Bros. movie has been defying expectations. The film surpassed even the most lofty projections and continues to do so two weeks after launching.

According to the latest figure, the Super Mario Bros. movie has now hit the $700 million total for the worldwide box office. With second weekend figures accounted for, the film saw revenue of $353.3 million domestically and $339.8 million overseas, which pushed the total to $693.1 million worldwide as of Sunday.

Not surprisingly, the movie easy blew past the $700 million mark with early box office receipts from today. This total makes it seem like Mario and the gang will cross the $1 billion mark with ease in the coming weeks. That leaves us with the question of just how high can the film go!?

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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1y ago

I still need to go see it...

Me too. Nintendo can count on at least $12 more dollars being added to that total.


1y ago

Looks like everyone's hooked on the brothers... The brothers... The brothers....

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1y ago

It’s not even out in Japan yet either.


1y ago

Should comfortably cross the 1 billion mark.