Another round of gameplay has been released for Xicatrice, and this video dives a bit deeper into the topic of skills.

As we previously covered, there are two types of Skills in Xicatrice: active Skills (that suggest actions like attack techniques in battle) and passive Skills (that take effect simply by equipping them). With the latter, there are Skills that have specific conditions. One example comes from Skills that increase your attack power based on the number of times you attack the enemy.

There are also passive Skills that activate automatically with a certain probability. This includes those triggered by the actions of your allies, or by the actions of enemies. This allows students that were not selected to participate in the attack, increasing the number of possible actions per turn.

Finally, you can combine the two types of Skills. For example, if you combine “Cautious Action” (a passive Skill which increases your attack power depending on the number of times you attack) and “Double Attack” (an active Skill which allows you to attack twice per turn), you can increase your attack power twice in a single turn.


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