Traditional RPGs require enough pre-planning as it is, but Strategy RPGs take it to a completely different level. For example, one wrong move in Triangle Strategy could result in your whole game falling apart. Looking to avoid those kinds of dire situations? Nintendo is here to help.

Nintendo UK has put together a list of ten different Triangle Strategy tips that should help both genre newcomers and seasoned vets. If you want something that can give you a serious leg up on the battlefield, this is the perfect place to start.

You can read the first tip in full below, but then click over to see the rest of the feature.

  1. Positioning is the key to victory

Your units’ positioning can make all the difference:

Utilise the high ground – ranged units can attack from a safe distance and deal more damage. Attack enemies from behind to land a critical hit. Surround them with two units to perform an automatic follow-up attack – but take care not to let the same fate befall you. Do not charge in blindly out of reach of your healers!

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