This week, we are proud to announce a new trailer: A Schemer’s Guide to Dokapon, as well as a new website character update for the upcoming release of the board game, RPG hybrid, Dokapon Kingdom: Connect.

A Schemer’s Guide to Dokapon details the basics of the game, as well as other menacing strategies that will sure tick-off your closest friends! There are also the new characters to showcase listed below:

  • Advanced Jobs: Robo Knight, Hero
  • People of Dokapon Kingdom: Gutz the Blacksmith, Leane the Village Girl, Kira the Merchant, Robo-Sassin

You can find details on all of the characters mentioned above via the Dokapon Kingdom: Connect website.

The game will launch physically and digitally in North America and Europe for the Nintendo Switch on May 9, 2023. The digital release will be available for preorder on the Nintendo eShop starting May 2 with a limited-time 15% discount until May 22. Now, you and your frenemies from across the globe can play Dokapon Kingdom: Connect with the help of online play!

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