Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness is finally coming to the Switch in North America and Europe on April 14th, 2022. This title saw release in Japan all the way back in October 2019! What in the world took the localization so long? John Ricciardi of localization team 8-4 shared some insight during a Siliconera interview.

Part of it was the pandemic eating into our scheduling plans a bit, and part of it was just trying to find the best timing possible to give the game a chance at success. As I’m sure you know, the localized 3DS version of Gotta Protectors was very much well-loved, but being a digital-only 3DS release confined to just North America, it didn’t really have a chance to properly shine.

By the time we were ready to release the Switch game last year, it was edging a bit too close to Q4 for us to feel comfortable, so we decided to wait until early 2022. Then it was just a matter of aligning schedules with Limited Run, since from the beginning we wanted to offer a physical version as well as digital for fans of the series.

While it has been a bummer to wait so long for the localization, the explanation makes total sense. Thankfully, we have just a few more days until the game launches on the Switch eShop! If you need a recap on the game, you can find our original Gotta Protectors post here.

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