The newest playable Maya deity in six years is finally here in SMITE today: Ix Chel!

Before setting foot on the Battlegrounds of the Gods, Ix Chel was able to miraculously reinvigorate the Conquest Map with new life and launched SMITE’s Season of Hope in March. Now players get to play as the Light Weaver and experience firsthand her prismatic magic that reshaped the world.

Take a deep dive into Ix Chel’s design process with this Closer Look blog post and read the full Update Notes here.

Ix Chel draws her strength from weaving together the prismatic colors of the rainbow. Her vibrant dress is decorated with traditional Maya ornaments and symbols, while her headdress is a depiction of Kukulkan. In SMITE, she is a long-range Mage able to deal high burst damage while simultaneously supporting her allies.

As the Maya Goddess of the Moon, Ix Chel can use her Lunar Invocation ability to knock up her enemies. It is said that with her spindle, Ix Chel guides the motion of the universe, weaving together the formative elements of existence so that creation rises from destruction – and vice versa. Her ultimate Great End—named after her own sobriquet—channels an energy beam that can either heal or hinder, while her Rainbow Crash ability damages foes but speeds up allies.

Do you have what it takes to master the Light Weaver? Come find out now in SMITE’s newest update!

The G.I. JOE Crossover event explodes into action! The heroic soldiers of G.I. JOE team face their nemesis, Cobra, as SMITE continues to set the standards for video game crossovers.

Starting today, SMITE players can unlock and play six skins depicting iconic characters from the renowned franchise:

  • Duke and Cobra Commander – skins for Hou Yi
  • Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow – skins for Susano
  • Scarlett and Baroness – skins for Neith

Fans of the classic 80s animated series and revival, G.I. JOE: Resolute, will feel right at home with these skins with full audio and completely redone effects and abilities to transport you back to the best Saturday Mornings had to offer.

Bringing to life another classic Hasbro property in all its nostalgic glory, the G.I. JOE crossover is complete with a fresh coat of modern paint, plus the standards and execution you’d expect. Featuring artwork by acclaimed DC comic artist, Yanick Paquette (Batman Inc., Wonder Woman: EARTH ONE, Swamp Thing, & more), the collaboration invokes an updated tribute to G.I. JOE comic books, animation, and toy lines of ALL generations.

Will you choose to display your prowess as an elite G.I. JOE member or rally the lethal Cobra forces? Along with more flavorful cosmetics, these skins are temporarily discounted at launch – so make sure to try out the SMITE x G.I. JOE event today!

Last but certainly not least, SMITE and its community have reached the monumental milestone of 40 million lifetime players – a massive feat timed just right for the game’s Year 10. Since early April, in-game events have been ongoing and will continue until May with double XP, special modes returning, and selected chests discounted down to precisely 40%. To the devoted and passionate players of SMITE: you are the backbone of our community. Thank you for helping us reach 40 million players!

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