Pokémon TCG products are virtually sold out in Japan

I guess we can't catch'em all right now

18 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Do you still have someone in your life who likes to call Pokemon a fad, or they think the franchise died off decades ago? We’ve got the perfect story for you to point them towards.

The Pokemon Co. has taken to their official Trading Card Game website in Japan to let players know that as of right now, stock for the TGC is pretty much sold out. It’s going to be near impossible to find the latest releases, as fans have been gobbling them up as quickly as they hit stores.

Pokemon Co. has also shared an apology with customers over the storage, and they promise to up production in the coming weeks and months to set things right. Unfortunately, no exact timeframe was given as to when fans can expect to see stock replenishments make their way to retailers.

The culprit behind this explosion of activity comes from a new expansion pack that released on April 14th, 2023. The Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs have been incredibly popular, and making things worse is the fact that some cards can only be found in each individual expansion. In other words, players/collectors trying to score specific cards have been scooping up their expansion of choice trying to secure the card they’re after, pushing stock down very quickly.


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