Xenoblade Chronicles 3 'Future Redeemed' DLC characters profiled

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19 April 2023
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Just a few hours back, Nintendo revealed that the final DLC in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass is set to launch for Switch on April 25th, 2023. This DLC, titled Future Redeemed, is set before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and players will join a cast of new and familiar characters in an original story scenario that connects all three installments in the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Ahead of the DLC’s launch next week, Nintendo has shared some profiles for the various characters you’ll come across. Just like Nintendo says, there are brand-new faces and some you’ll no doubt be familiar with. You can learn about all of them below.


  • a young man from The City, an organization that opposes the status quo of Moebius
  • an honest and caring young man who is searching for his missing sister Nael/Niall
  • Martial Artist class, an attacker class that uses the Ouroboros Knuckle weapon


  • swordfighter that wields a thin red sword known as the Monado
  • Matthew’s partner during the events of the DLC
  • a calm and collected individual
  • Monado Fencer class, and a Healer type


  • a Kevesi soldier adept with machines and engineering
  • calm and timid, but becomes excited when talking about machines
  • Machinist class, a Defender-type class that uses a Variable Backpack as his weapon


  • a soldier from Agnus who fights by operating a staff with strings
  • a brave young woman, but sometimes her tone of voice can be harsh
  • at first she rejects the truth behind Aionios and acts selfishly
  • Healer class and she uses a staff as her weapon


  • the hero of Xenoblade Chronicles
  • kind-hearted swordsman who wields a great red sword
  • lost his right arm in a past battle and now has a prosthetic arm
  • uses his left hand exclusively to wield his weapon
  • Grand Soldier class, a Defender-type class that uses a revised model of the Monado REX


  • the hero of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • a large and tall swordsman who wields a greatsword in each hand
  • bold and frank, and is the leader of the Liberators, alongside Shulk
  • lost his left eye in a past battle
  • Master Driver class, an Attacker-type class that wields the Twin Flaming Swords


  • Matthew’s younger sister
  • she takes care of the children in The City, and has a very kind personality
  • things go awry after her disappearance


  • a mysterious figure identical to Alvis in the original Xenoblade Chronicle appears before Shulk and Rex

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