Doomsday DLC is heading to DYSMANTLE later this year. In the Doomsday DLC the player can board a mysterious flying cargo drone and enter a hidden archipelago holding a deadly secret. The player will also discover scientific experiments gone awry and utilize new technologies to stave off doomsday.

  • Explore a new challenging open world map.
  • A new main questline and numerous side quests to complete. What kind of research was conducted at Three Sisters Research Complex?
  • New puzzles to solve and new enemies to vanquish. All kinds of mechanical and biological horrors lurk in the archipelago.
  • New tools, wearables, and trinkets. Add a dash of scientific flair to your attire.
  • Collect and utilize new materials and food items. 16 new delicious recipes to hunger for.

The DLC will be priced at USD/EUR 8.99.


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