Fan reimagines Pokémon Red as an HD-2D remake

Rose-tinted glasses activated

19 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Nintendo and Pokémon Co. have done their own remakes of classic Pokémon titles, which were met with a mostly positive response from fans. These remakes certainly revamped the graphics of the original releases, but one Pokémon fan thinks there might be a better way to approach the idea.

Square Enix has been utilizing their HD-2D engine since they launched Octopath Traveler on the Switch years ago. The publisher also put the engine to use in a remake of LIVE A LIVE, and we’ll see Dragon Quest III get an HD-2D makeover as well. This has had some wondering what other games would look like with HD-2D revamps, which has led us to the video above.

3D pixel artist and designer Dott took it upon themselves to revisit Pokémon Red and give the game a complete visual overhaul in HD-2D style. Pokémon Red seems like a perfect candidate for this kind of remake, and the proof-of-concept video released definitely proves that. Pokémon Red in HD-2D keeps the charm of the original release while updating it with an impressive level of detail.

If Pokémon Co. and Nintendo were to take this approach, would you scoop this up day one?

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1y ago

If Pokemon Company made this game and made it to the graphics and detail of the latest games I would definitely scoop this game up in a hurry


1y ago

I hope Game Freak is taking notes, because THAT is how you remake a game.