Sunrise GP, published by Gamedust and developed by Garage 5, is coming to the Switch today. The game is priced at $15 and takes up 1.8 GB of space.

Sunrise GP is an arcade racer game that allows players to drive along unique locations. The game’s environment is filled with colorful textures and soft lighting that bring the warmness of a sunset into the game’s landscape. The player can take advantage of the beautiful landscapes and watch as the scenery changes around them. It is accompanied by a distinctive music soundtrack, bringing players into the arcade world and elevating the racing atmosphere by building the unique climate of the game. Players will be able to view world landscapes in the background of their drive through and watch different objects such as planes fly above their cars as they battle for 1st place.

In Sunrise GP players will compete for victory in Grand Prix, driving various vehicles that differentiate from each other in terms of handling or acceleration. All of them are stylistically reminiscent of Eastern Europe classic vehicles .

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