When you think of big hits on the Switch, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain probably doesn’t come to mind. This installment in the long-running series isn’t topping the charts every week, but it’s doing much better than you might expect, especially in Europe.

While we don’t get specific sales data, Games Industry’s Christopher Dring has commented on Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain retail sales, and it’s pulled off a rather impressive feat. According to Dring, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain is doing quite well across Europe, so much so that it’s outsold both Forza Horizon 5 and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition at retail. Keep in mind, Nintendo doesn’t share their digital sales data, so this figure is for boxed copies only!

For those across Europe who are still scooping up games via retail stores, it seems Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain is a go-to title for the time being.

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2y ago

It's good that it's selling well, but I wonder how many people will still be playing this after the first few weeks?

I had only bought this when Best Buy had it on sale for $15 less than a month after it released. I bought it specifically to play against the ghosts of people on my friend list (the few that bought it) but none have played it since late January, so there just wasn't much replay value for me because it's clear the multiplayer was a big selling point for this game and I'm not interested in playing it solo. I know of course there is the option to play against ghosts of random people worldwide, but I don't know them and so I can't brag to them if I beat them 😛


2y ago

Beating GTA Trilogy, the physical Switch version at least, doesn't sound particularly hard.