There’s been a decent amount of talk about the licensed music that appears in the Super Mario Bros. Movie. While the vast majority of the film is backed by orchestral versions of classic Mario tunes, there are some licensed tracks scattered throughout as well. Turns out one more was almost included, but after a battle with the film’s composer, another Mario tune was used instead.

Super Mario Bros. Movie sound designer Jamey Scott has revealed that Van Halen’s JUMP was originally meant to be the song used during the film’s final battle. This didn’t sit well with composer Brian Tyler, who fought for something from the Mario universe. Tyler ended up victorious, which lead to the battle featuring a play on Mario’s “Power-Up” theme.

There’s no doubt someone out there will take the movie’s final scene and edit it to JUMP once the movie becomes available digitally. If/when that happens, we’ll certainly share it with you!

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1y ago

Ugh on the licensed music front. I'm glad they won this battle at least.


1y ago

Get it?! Because Mario "Jumps" a lot!!! Thank goodness we got Mario music instead, in that case.

I kind of hope when this movie hits home release that maybe they replace some of the licensed music with orchestrated stuff, like that Donkey Kong Country medley. I'm sure that's too much to ask, but hey, Sega replaced a whole hedgehog model and animation based on fan feedback.