Interested in an old-school, top-down RPG? Tales from Centropolis could be just the thing, and it’s got a chance at coming to Switch via Kickstarter stretch goal.

Set in the 1920s, A private detective takes on a case that involves murder, industrial espionage, and his quest for a missing girl, with the stakes rising as he makes his way to the mega city of Centropolis. Drawing inspiration from the 1920’s aesthetics, as well as the complexity and limitation of technology of that era, the devs have crafted a captivating story that transports players back in time.

The team behind Tales from Centropolis is looking for $35k to get base funding for the game, but if you want to see this one on Switch, the $45k stretch goal will have to be hit. You can learn more about the game or pledge some funding through the official Kickstarter.


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