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21 April 2023
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RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest indie game publishers for Nintendo Switch consoles, has released its third title as part of April’s Indie Spring Spree event. Starting today, players are invited to join the excitement and competition in Carbage – an action-packed and humorous racing game.

Carbage is a crazy, survival car party bumper game that will bring a lot of excitement and unforgettable moments, both in single-player and co-op modes for up to four people.

In Carbage, players take on the role of vehicle drivers, competing against each other on challenging tracks, collecting resources and upgrading their cars – all in order to win first place at the finish line.

Carbage is not only fast-paced gameplay, as it stands out with cartoonish graphics, unusual cars, characters, and scenery, which turns into a real battlefield – making each playthrough unique and incredibly addictive.

The game offers four game modes — Capture the Crown, where players compete with a time limit, Survival with a vanishing floor challenge, Demolition – destroying buildings and collecting points on the playing field, and Racing – a classic mode where the most important thing is speed and cleverness.

Carbage is designed to provide enjoyable gaming experiences for everyone who loves spending time with family and friends. With this title, an evening can turn into an unforgettable event.

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